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A psychological and very dramatic anime about (you guessed it) highschoolers. These 2 highschoolers in particular have helplessly fallen in love with 2 teachers who are in a relationship. So they act as if they are a couple to hide their loneliness. The anime then turns into a bunch of messed up shit with a lot of cheating, blackmail, etc. This all happens with them wishing they would get together with their love interest. Thus the title means "Scum's Wish".

Kuzu no Honkai is messed up, that's why it attracts a messed up fanbase...(like me)
Person 1: "Hey bro did you watch Kuzu no Honkai??"

Person 2: "No and I don't want to."

Person 1: "Why? "

Person 2: "It's messed up."
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by MakiNishikino'sHusband August 06, 2017
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