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A most entertaining game invented by the people at College University that involves throwing a foam football into a hammock. 1 point for hitting any part of the hammock with the ball, 3 points if the ball bounces off the ground into the hammock, and 5 points for landing the ball directly into the hammock. 5 points is called a kush lash. You can also yell out the words Kush Lash if you have scored the maximum amount of points possible in any sport. Feel free to yell out Kush Lash for anything cool you have done, or have witnessed.
I got an A on my history exam, Kush Lash baby!


Dk got beaned in the nuts, that's 1000 points, Kush Lash!
by Little Dog Monk August 29, 2006
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The pain in the neck resulting from reaching too quick for a go on the doobie.
The silly sod spun around too quick for a go on the blunt, he may have given himself kushlash.
by lou McCruff March 12, 2015
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