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If you have a "Kurtis and Megan" relationship this clearly means you have been though it all. the good, the bad and the down right ugly. Alone Kurtis and Megan can be stubborn hard headed people who are both stunningly attractive and have strong personalities. they refuse to take crap from anyone and will not only stand up for them selves but for others when need be. together these two are a power couple. their heads may clash but in the end they know they rather be together than alone. perfectally perfect for each other these two are God's definition of best friends. they talk for hours about nothing...sometimes even make cat noises at each other, it doesn't matter what the situation is they always make it fun. two peas in a pod that come together to make one great bean. all megans are lost with out their kurtis'. true love incarnate, these two need to stay together through the test of time and show that true love does exist.
Megan: Hey Kurt!
Kurtis : meow!
Megan: awwww :) come here so i can rub ur ears!

Megan: Kurtis! :) i just wanted to let you know that I love you dearly and feel so blessed to have you apart of my life. without you at my side i question whether life is worth living but every time i see you i am reminded yes life goes on...always be my best friend...and lover?

Kurtis: I wouldn't miss it for the world...i love you too so much Megan! :)

Kurtis and Megan are perfect lovers
by April 25th 2011 October 18, 2011
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