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Pronounced CUR-Nih-ski (kur-ni'ski) The Z is silent.

1. An English corruption of a Russian last name. Kurnizki is allegedly easier to pronounce than the true Russian version.
2. denoting an athletic god or goddess.
3. an extremely fit person.
4. Like Kallio, it's a name that substitute teachers are never going to be able to pronounce correctly
5. a fast runner
Person A: Yeah, she does 300 hurdles, 100 hurdles, high jump, a bunch of relays, and she'd do pole vaulting if our school allowed it.
Person B: Wow. She's such a Kurnizki

Person C: Wow! Look at him go!
Person D: he's such a Kurnizki
by Lving Dead Girl i July 18, 2008
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