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The word is used primarily to describe the legendary Dark Sword of Eternity. Currently after the eventual loss of the sword the name has been passed down to a young man who fights many battles through many times and dimensions. In all of those aspects he always manages to stay the same in every dimension and time frame escaping the Void of Destiny. Kurayune has made a name for himself everywhere and nowhere and will continue to take his name to the next level until the entire universe understands that his Will and Heart will help him save every world from the true darkness, and refuses to die until the day comes that light can always be seen for everyone.
1. If only Kurayune were here to save us from evil.
2. The great sword Kurayune was used to fight against evil even though the sword itself is evil.
3. You would never expect Kurayune to be the hero.
by Kurayune July 25, 2009
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