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A thot hoe-ass lil tricc Nazi; Lil Fire emburem Elitist supporter of Animal husbandry and theorizes that rats are dead Nazi soldier reincarnates, therefore he has a strong affection for the small mammals. He has the face of a Greek God if a Greek god was a smexi-mexi yaoi seme. Like a Greek God he believes he is a:
-Nohr Prince or Princess (Sword, Stone) - Upgrades to Nohr Noble (Sword, Stone, Tome) or Hoshido Noble (Sword, Stone, Staff)
-Songstress (Lance) - Only one specialized character
-Dread Fighter (Sword, Axe, Shuriken) - Available via DLC or in Special Edition
-Dark Falcon (Lance, Tome) - Available via DLC or in Special Edition
-Lodestar (Sword) - Special Amiibo Class
-Vanguard (Sword, Axe) - Special Amiibo Class
-Grandmaster (Sword, Tome) - Special Amiibo Class
-Great Lord (Sword, Lance) - Special Amiibo Class
- Dota 2 World-Class player

And his special skill is giving his emotionally traumatized friends a Robbie Rotten level of beyond holy, very fappable, Yaoi chin via a mighty hex that he's spent his whole life perfecting. He blesses you with this by side-glancing at you with his beady little eyes akin to the very rat he has his gaming mouse inside of as we speak; eyes rich with depths of knowledge and wistfulness. He's still working to hone and wizen his most iconic skill- calling people cuck and sand nigger and pouring milk first into the bowl then the cereal, that fucker.
Person 1: Daddy Mike Pence yonder I can see a future in which you make my prostate cease to exist with ur fist and I wish to fish out the

will to live

out of your booty
Person 1 aka Valve Corp: *sighs and shakes his head with a humored smirk upon his face* Oh; that Kuntarakornkiti!
by IJustWantToBeHappyInLife April 01, 2017
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