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a woman who either bothers, annoys, takes advantage of, or angers someone to the point at which the person using the word has lost all sense of self and would now give anything to have this women tied up and beaten, horribly embarrassed, choked out, gang-banged, throat-fucked, railed out(means to fuck a woman to the point of screaming herself hoarse), chewed out(means to fuck a woman, only to depart just seconds after ejaculation), molly whopped(means to fuck a women and repeatedly beat her with a mop until you cum inside condom), or have something really disturbing happen to her entire family.
"I can't believe she would actually do that to me... that fucking Kundermuff bitch."

"That splinted cuffed Kundermuff just ran her little bitch mouth again... not cool you hoe... you dirty...dirty...dirty heart-breaking skank shank. You deserve every second of pain because of all the horrible hurtful shit that you've been putting me through. You betrayed me.... how could you?"
by Chris Sheffler January 27, 2010
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