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An excursion consisting of a group of dating, engaged, or married couples who are all "friends". Kumbata is derived from the word Kumbaya, a hymn synonymous with groups of wholesome people being cheesy together.

Being a couple is required to attend a Kumbata, and losing your significant other can result in your exclusion from it. These excursions typically consist of wholesome events which must satisfy the intellectual, emotional, and physical needs of the lowest common denominator of the members of the group. This means any activity which involves critical thinking, the outdoors, creativity, real fun, or just staying out late is strictly forbidden. As well, opinions whose scope ranges beyond the intellectual capacity of the most ignorant member must not be expressed or this may force an emotional overreaction from said members used to blackmail you into conforming to their beliefs. Finally, the word "I" may never be used, as couples in Kumbata's are tightly joined into one unit (see Master-Blaster from the early works of Mel Gibson), hence the word "we" must be used when expressing thoughts or opinions.

Kumbata's by there oppressive nature are a tense undertaking and are very unstable. With many excursions involving alcohol and half of the members being female, existing tensions can quickly rise. This is especially true when a male member introduces a new female member who is attractive, or a female member introduces a bone-head jock. As such, long term Kumbata's are very rare and membership turnover is high.

Kumbata's can usually be sighted playing low risk coed sports such ultimate frisbee, dodgeball, or slow-pitch; at the shows of copy-cat low-brow comedians such as Dane Cook, or Carlos Mencia; and at franchised restaurants that are typical found in open air malls in the suburbs.
This Applebees is full of Kumbatas, it must be from the Dane Cook show which just got out across the street.

This wedding reception is a Kumbata, where are all the single chicks.
by rotten_crotch_1978 July 03, 2009
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