One of the most popular characters in the Shin Tenchi Muyo series. Tenchi fell in love with her while attending school in Tokyo. At the end of the series, Sakuya lets Tenchi escape the dream world so that he can defeat Yuki. This is her ultimate sacrafice. Sakuya Kumashiro is the only girl who was in an official relationship with Tenchi.
Sakuya Kumashiro is not liked by poeple because she is the only one who has won Tenchi's heart.
by carlosc1dbz June 30, 2005
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One of the least popular characters on any Tenchi Muyo series. Almost NOBODY likes her. Probably because of the fact that she's annoying towards the beginning of Tenchi in Tokyo.
"My name is Sakuya! I think we're gonna be good friends, you're kinda cute!"
by Tom October 21, 2003
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