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Kulrattan is the best guy you will ever meet. Has a great potential but doesn't show. Always there for his friends which is why he is loved for and is a best friend to many. Loves people who love him. Strong person but warm hearted. Great sense of humour and funny person. A great person to hangout with. A good person to share your feelings with but would not share his feelings of his own except for some close friends. Not a boring person. Can be a good sportsperson. Does not likes to break up easily and always has his second relationship can be the best one. Can be depressed sometimes so help him or he can even cry. A happy person but sad as well . Low concentration power. Can be the best person to be a friend or in relationship. Never wills to hurt anyone. Likes hugs and friends . Talks to only special people
Kulrattan is a boy
by Digvijay jandu May 01, 2018
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