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A man... A true man... Kukiele will not abandon his boyz in any way and has the sickest barzzz out of anybody else on the planet. Not only is he handsome and fit, but he is a masterful lover and a great fighter. Classy, a gentleman, a king... Kukiele will always have the last laugh so you don't wanna fuck with this one. Along with all of that, he is also a well cultured dude and overall a sweetheart behind that tough exterior. You can witness Kukiele often with a Pakistani best friend accompanying him. He is a beast... And nobody... On this planet... CAN BEAT HIM!
Ayo! Kukiele! Wassup boiiii
Is that a Kukiele I see?
Okayyy Kukiele! Gettin fleeee
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This is a name given to a select few. A true gentleman. That person respects all and loves all and understands kindness goes a long way. He is shy sometimes but when you get to know him you find he's full of life. Finally absolutely no one can beat him. Only three have been known to exist.
by The#1GOAT March 13, 2017
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