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1)someone who asks you to go somewhere and makes all these plans but when the moment arrives, makes up same lame ass excuse and bails you.
2)someone who brings a guitar to school and play it during lunch recess to try to impress people yet fails to see how stupid he looks.
3)someone who looks at gay porn and calls others gay to avoid suspicion.
KYM:Hey wanna go see a movie this week?
person:yeah when?
KYM:uhh idk ima invite people first
person:oh ok

3 days later

person:hey terminator 4 is coming out
KYM: k lets go !

movie day

person:k the movie is 5 and its 4 right now lets go.
KYM:i wanna go to vincent's house uhhh just go without me *leaves*
person:wow what a gay faggot Ku-Young-Mung bailer
by anonymousfriendfromSG May 23, 2009
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