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A girl who isn't perfect, but perfect for you. A girl who laughs all the time for no reason at all, with a smile that's bigger than the entire night sky. And that laugh, that smile, makes your heart beat so fast that nothing could keep up with you. She's a girl that you'd wanna spend a friday night with, playing video games and eating popcorn. And a saturday day with, at the beach doing nothing but playing in the sand and catching waves till dark. She's the type of girl that you wanna spend your entire life with, even if you fight and argue every other day, you just want her around. You want to be there with her. You want to see the things she sees so that she doesn't have to tell you over the phone. You want to be the one dropping her off at work and waking up to her coming home when she's done. She's the type of girl that never complains, but only cares. The type that never gives up on you no matter what, and is always there. She's the only girl you'd want to be in love with, for the rest of your life.
by lplbd October 31, 2011
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