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A Beautiful, intellegent woman who is married to a man she loves dearly. Endlessly devoted, an old soul, and every mans dream. She is gorgeous, kind, giving and honest to a fault. If you are a guy, straight, and you met her you would want to be with her. If you are gay, you would wish you were her or you were straight so you caould be with her. Lesbians try to turn her gay. She is the kind of love you wish you could have and most people only dream of. Too bad for all you people out there she has already found her equal, her one true love, the only man that could ever hold her down and truely deserves her. Ricky H. lopez
Man, I wish I had that Krystal lopez kind of love.

That Girl wishes she was a Krystal Lopez.

(person 1)"If i were Krystal Lopez I would have any guy... "(Friend says )" thats why youre not... you are not even worthy!!!, krystal Loves 1 man"
by highindry June 10, 2010
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