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Krushi is a name that originates form the Language Gujarati, from India. The meaning of Krushi is farmer, a person who is named Krushi is commonly a boy, not to be confused with Khushi. They think that they are like anyone else, are rarely stressed and a commonly introverted, they need someone else to help them break out of their antisocial shell and be more open. They are highly respected and are athletic. You can sometimes misinterpret them as they have a different way of thinking and handling situations. They are very practical and hands on in certain situations and can handle most tasks with ease and take their time, they usually like to take the lead in groups. They get very annoyed when someone is being distracting while trying to perform a task and can lose it sometimes. Krushis' are commonly average in height and body, and are up to par on running speed. They are very intuitive and like to be creative. Not really a social person on the outside, but once you find the missing pieces of them, you see a whole different side of them, if you meet one, try to see this side of them.
Hey, have you seen Krushi today?

Oh hey Krushi, hows it going?

Hello, my name is Krushi

Yeah, my name is Krushi, it means Farmer
by WhoDisRanD March 03, 2017
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