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I girl that is unique in every way. You'll nvr meet anyone else like her. A total bitch & yet, your attracted to her in ways that are totally unexplainable. She runs wild & no body will ever be able to tame her. Yet you wish you could. She'll love you like no other but if u cross her, your in for hell. She doesnt trust easily so once you gain that trust, dont be a dick & fuck it up. You'll regret getting on her bad side. Has a very naughty side. She'll leave you begging for more & she's so damn sexy. She has a nice thick toned ass too. Very intelligent so dont try her. Although at first impression she doesnt seem to be, so take this as your warning, if not you'll regret it in the end. Although she's a bitch, shes super chill at the same time & you always wanna be around her. Great friend, honest, trustworthy, & goal oriented. Dont let her slip by. She is also very stubborn, but never give up on her. Love her with all you have if she lets you. If not your a complete fucktard that doesnt deserve a woman as wonderful as her.
You said bye to Kristia?! Damn bro! you fucked up big time. I would do anything if she gave me a chance!

also see.. Rock of love Kristia.
by Sweet&Salty(; October 31, 2010
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