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Derived from a combination of the words kiss and grind.

It is an adjective used to describe the pleasurable friction created between two people when their mouths meet to kiss and their genital regions meet to rub against each other. This act must involve at least two people and can be performed between mulitple partners stacked upon one another.Clothes must be worn by all parties and hands must not enter inside the confines of these clothes. Commonly performed in small, enclosed spaces by minors. Or for those who deem full sexual penetration to be reliant on marriage, relationship status, feelings of love etc.

This activity is very similar to the act commonly known as "dry humping". However, it is suggested to be used as a sophisticated alternative to that relatively uncouth term.
I heard that Krinding is an excellent way to keep STI and pregnancy free whilst still enjoying the company of another person in an intimate fashion. All the cool kids are doing it!
by Vanessa D. February 09, 2011
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