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Kreb·u·late (krĕb"·yōō·lāt') VERB:

1. To merely exist. To do nothing more than be.

2. To be wholly lazy with oneself; To be so smally active as to be inactive.

Kreb·u·la·ting (krĕb"·yōō·lā'·teeng) TRANSITIVE VERB:

1. The ongoing process of merely existing.

Kreb·u·lat·er (krĕb"·yōō·lāt'·ər) NOUN:

1. One who merely exist.

Kreb·u·la·tion (krĕb'·yōō·lā"·shən) NOUN:

1. The act of merely existing.

Kreb·u·lant (krĕb"·yōō·lănt') ADJECTIVE:

1. The state of merely existing.

Kreb·u·lance (krĕb"·yōō·lăns') NOUN:

1. The effect of the act of merely existing.

{based-on the stem name "Sir Hans Adolf Krebs" (German born British physician and biochemist) who, in 1937 (along with seminal work from Albert Szent-Györgyi) identified the cellular metabolic process now commonly called the "Kreb cycle" (a.k.a.: the "citric acid cycle" or the "tricarboxylic acid cycle.") As the process suggests; what is needed for the cell's energy production (and storage and eventual release, as well as other needed processes for it to exist and merely function) so it is with this definition.}
"We'd get more work done if he wouldn't just Krebulate, while on the clock."

"I'm afraid all that she's doing is Krebulating, during her coma."

"Being a Krebulater is one sure way of gaining weight and destroying ones health."

"Krebulation alone, may well yet be, the cause of the down-fall of our society."

"You could have a rich and rewarding life if you weren't so Krebulant."

"Krebulance leads to ineffectiveness."
by drochalsey May 18, 2009
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