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Verb. - One who is unashamed of their sexual preferences. This includes such activities as 'dogging', 'swinging', 'foxing' and performing such activities as 'monkey-facing'.

An individual who makes use of both inorganic and organic matter to fulfil their sexual desires.
"Man, you're such a Kraven!"
"I know dude, fancy dogging?!"
by Teh Gang February 01, 2008
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Kraven, An insane mother fucker who will murder you and actually slit your throat and will come in with his friend and go bang bang with a tec-9 and AK, He's a psychotic murderer who'll put a bullet in your brain if you try and take his chain.
Person 1: A school shooting happened the other day.

Person 2: Must have been a Kraven.
by DepressedCat1151 May 16, 2019
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The almost constant desire to pursue sexual satisfaction through unconventional methods, often involving food and always involving enthusiasm

A non aggressive but unrelenting search for sexual satisfaction realised through generally obscure or untried methods outside the realms of what is considered normal. Such as sex with partially microwaved chicken liver in a pint glass.

The desire to adventure into a sexually non-commital abyss of exploration, guided by the light of apparently uncontrolable enthusiasm, possibly fueled by methyldioxymethamphetamine
'You dirty little kraven'
by Pretty much right June 18, 2009
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