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Beautiful multinational city on the south of Russia. Famous for its agricultural sphere, which provides the majority of Russian territories with cereals, fruits, wine, cotton, meat. A big amount of money floats through this city, aiming to invest an extensive and colossal construction of Olympic objects of the Sochi 2014 Olympic games. Well, before budget money get the constructors and engineers on site, this sum of money is split up on many parts, half of which remains in the pockets of Moscow bureaucrats, 30 percent goes to the officials of Krasnodar, while the rest is used to make some weak attempts to build some of the objects in order to escape the worldwide shame of this Russian Federation's adventure.

Tourists from Europe also call it the Little Paris, because it reminds in architectural style some districts of Paris.
Also it is a wonderfu base for travelling in the Russian south, Crimea, Black Sea coast.

People are very kindly hosted in here
Krasnodar is the garner of Russia
by Fableday April 21, 2011
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