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adj, generally used of persons

1. having a cruel and sarcastic sense of humor

2. with very little patience or tolerance remaining

3. (of acts) educational but painful

4. mentally irregular. See also: insane, weird, zealous, maniacal, bonkers

{ Etymology. NOTE: word does NOT originate from the Krahns of Liberia. From M. Krahn (Low German), a Physics teacher who posseses these characteristics. }
1. "Man, I can't believe that gag Bif pulled, it was so krahny!"

2. "I think Alice's getting a little krahny since she saw Bif with Trixie in the back hallway."

3. "Ouch, didn't he see that'd be krahny?"

4. "I'm gettin' kinda krahny without my Count Chocula!"
by a;sl July 03, 2005
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