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1. A weird Cananadian Dry citizen that loves her tofu.

2. The other term for crayon. In other words.. a short, pointy, colorful person..

3. The rodent queen, ruler of all of the rats, gerbils, bunnies, etc of the world. Willing to die for (or by) her little buddies.

4. A crazy bitch. Fuh q, Krahn, fuh q!

5. Formerly Cran, otherwise known as Corynne, even though no one knows how to pronounce it..
Krahn is the wierdest humanoid in this intergalactic world who loves her animals and will never eat meat again and lives is a fuh king huge house in a country that she hates, but really wants to bomb (not really), and loves playing Maple Story, supposedly very addicting, cant draw worth shit, except her Bob the Blob, hates coloring with crayons, even though she is named after them, maybe thats not true..
by Krahn's friend July 17, 2006
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