Its means 'scary'. It's simple. It's not kawaii, meaning 'cute', it's 'SCARY'.
And it isn't a mispelling, either. In Japanese, they use syllables, so there's that extra 'ee' sound at the end. DEAL WITH IT. D:<
1. I glowered at the fangirl, and she ran away, screaming, "KOWAII!"

2. Godzilla is kowaii.
by Adexis November 13, 2006
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Similar to kawaii kowaii (pronounced "co-why-e") if said in japaneese means "freaky" and can misheard and people may think you're calling them Kawaii(cute in japaneese) or they may not know what kowaii means.
Jimmy John: you're kowaii
Megan: aww! You called me kawaii!
Jimmy John: yeah, sure
by TIMEFELINE February 23, 2015
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Common misspelling of "Kowai" which means scary/creepy. Most certainly caused by familiarity with words like "Kawaii" which means cute, or "Hawaii" which means Hawaii.
buttwuvbunny9878: OMG minimoni is sooooo kowaii!!!!
kirkspockballschips: i agree tsuji nozomi scares the hell out of me
buttwuvbunny9878: ??
by Full Nondisclosure October 3, 2006
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"Kowaii" is the improper romanization of the Japanese word "kawaii", which means "cute."
May be incorrectly transliterated by n00bs to watching anime.
The hopelessly n00bish fangirl incorrectly
by None Given April 24, 2005
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