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Its a city that is about 5 minutes away from Moscow Russia. I lived there for 13 years and I think its was the best to live at in the world. Its close to Moscow (party's, bars, and everything you can ever think of) but its pretty much drugs free and has a lot less polution. And half of the city is national park where there is no hunting or cars. Ow yea by the way, Korolev city was created because of Rocket Factory that was build during Cold War and thats where the fist satalite was build and where Sergey Korolev spend most of his life making rockets that are still in use today to bring people to the space station because of problems with shuttle program. Well I think this is a pretty good definition and if you need more info about Korolev just go to the web is in both English and Russia.
Uh no examples for this
by Alex Repnoy March 25, 2005
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