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Shamalayan name for the Royal Duchess of Albidagah. Though her existence is largely shrouded in mystery, few claim to have glimpsed her spirit on village streets adorned in white silks trimmed with pearls and sapphires, with an entrancing diamond pendant suspended from her neck. In these myths she is accompanied by a small female canine that lures eager yet unworthy mortals into her presence with its passionate bay. Monks and clerics of Albidagah worship her as the omnipotent demi-goddess of love and war. Tales have carried even to Medieval Western Europe: Ser Joshua Longjohnson, a 12th century English knight, committed his life to seeking out and winning the favor of the Duchess after she appeared to him in a dream. He waged war on the village clerics for the release of her soul to him, but when he freed their slaves and burnt their temples he fell short of her favor still. With his dying breath he spoke the words "a soul at war hath not love". His shade rides enternal in search of the Duchess Albidagah, that he might win her favor yet again.
War shamans pray to Korneo, where they may find relief in her spirital embrace
by Ser JB October 22, 2013
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