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An amalgamated phrase that defines a MMO game; designed, created, etc, by a Korean gaming cooperation, where the majority of gameplay involves repetitive and/or recycled tasks reiterating ad infinitum.

Using "Korean" in the phrase as a reference to Korean's cliché attribute of hardcore gaming, and their many releases of mmorpgs that implicate such gameplay.

Examples of Korean grind fest:
Silkroad Online
Sword Of The New World: Granado Espada
Boy-1: Hey check out this mmorpg my friend introduced to me, what do you think?

Boy-2: I've played it before, even though quests in this game would give you more experience than repeatedly killing the same foes over and over again, the quest still requires you to kill the same foe over and over again.

Boy-1: Oh, so it's just another Korean Grind Fest.
by Lawcork June 20, 2008
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