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Silkroad Online is an MMORPG held by far the most worse company known to this world, Joymax. Gameplay, graphic and concept alone carried out very good. If you havent played much MMORPG's before, you will easily get addicted to this one. Though it all may sound nice and look really cool, the problem starts when you try to log in. Most of servers currently can hold up to 3500 players which are crowded 24/7. Maybe if you are lucky or willing to wake up at 3am to log in, (or fight with server traffic for 2+ hrs) u will actually see how does the game look like.
Ok, so now you are logged in, and want to start lvling and earning money. You see dozens and dozens of other characters with strange names like SDFGAHHXX running on same path and stops on same spots. These are no players, these chars are goldbots. When you go out of town you will see 150 goldbots running around and trying to kill 1 monster. These goldbots are held by gold company's. Gold company's collect gold by making dozens and dozens of characters and crowd servers with their characters and later they sell that gold illegally for real money. There's a rumor that Joymax is affiliated with gold company's, goldbots keep servers crowded, so one has to buy premium (with real money) to get easier access to game. Joymax did not respond to that rumor yet...
Ok, so what is bot you may wonder?
Since lvling up is very very hard in this game, bot is invented to make it easier to reach higher lvls. Bot is program that plays by it self, and while it plays you can go to school/work/sleep etc...
As you reach higher lvls you will constantly be followed by your fellas goldbots. Goldbots usually kill lower lvl monsters than they are and are mostly nukers (big dmg, low health... you get the point) so one has little chance to kill anything between 15 goldbots, 10 higher than himself.
Theres also a mayor concern about hacking...lots of ppls has been hacked. You will meet a lot of people that will try to "copy your weapon" for free...just ignore these punks.
GM's are rarely seen ingame, and theres absolutely no use of them since they come once a day or less to make a few messages.
And yes, theres a lot of turks like in any other MMORPG, which means you will be often called "mudderfukker", and hear things like "fukk europe, fukk amerka, fck world, turks rulz"
My recommendation is, if you are new to this game, dont even bother to log in. For now this game is botting festival, so best thing to do is wait for this poor excuse of a company named Joymax sell this game. We all hope this day will come soon...
A:"Are you coming to Silkroad Online?"
B:"No, im trying for 2 hrs, servers are fckin crowded..."
by motion_man April 13, 2008
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An MMORPG which has unique controls but are easy to get used to. People who haven't played other MMORPGs will catch on to this very fast. It is very addicting but gets very repetitive as you go on to higher levels. The game is free forever and has an option to buy items for real money in the game. Such as a pet or a double experience ticket. You will find leveling up much harder and longer in this game then almost any other, but it pays off.

Since it takes a very long time to level up, people have started to make 'bot' programs that play for you. You will not have to do anything while this levels you up. Joymax has started to ban anyone they catch doing this permanently. Before sroBot went pay-to-use, more then 70% of Silkroad users had used a bot. (or at least it is rumored, no actual evidence to support that). Since it is pay now, much less people bot now.

Joymax, the creators of Silkroad Online, are a Korean based company. This is just one of the many free MMORPGs from South Korea but one of the best by far.

The servers which are currently implemented in the game are
(from oldest to newest)

Xian (First Server)
Venice (Newest Server)
Guy 1: Man.. I got level 70 in Silkroad Online!
Guy 2: Nice.. how long it take you?
Guy 1: ... six months.
Guy 2: Aha, I got level 70 five months ago!
Guy 1: How!?
Guy 2:, pwned.
Guy 1: Fuck you. Seriously.
Guy 2: kekekekekkekekekeke
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n. A Korean MMORPG that crashes every other minute.

v. The act of frustrating and ignoring players. Similar to being repeatedly raped by a Komodo Dragon.
I'd love to play this game, but I'm getting the ol' Silkroad Online, and OH MY GOD IT BURNS!
by Argos September 07, 2006
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An MMORPG that resembles R.O.S.E. a lot. Seriousley...It's currently Beta Testing. This game uses real civilizations such as the Chinese, Greek, etc. as the actual world in which you play in. It's based in earlier times when swords and shit were used. Many of the civilizations aren't completed yet due to beta testing.
Person 1: Yeah...I tried Silkroad Online yesterday.
Person 2: So what'd you think of it?
Person 1: Sucks. Resembles R.O.S.E. too fucking much. And lags on my shitty computer.
Person 2: lol
by Ranger March 29, 2006
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