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Koralin is known as weird one. The name is unknown to many but to most is a beautiful name. She is very hard to get along with at first, but give her time and she will change your mind. She is funny, weird, emo-ish, loving, and over all the sweetest person to be around. You'll always miss her when she's gone. She'll always leave you wanting more. She'll always be by your side through anything. When she gets upset, it's hard to cheer her up but if you keep at it, you'll always break through to her. Also they're the BIGGEST Grammar Nazis. Sometimes she'll call you out over anything. They will also argue you till you give in.
Koralin: that's wrong

Him: shhhh

Koralin: but it wrongggg
Him: then you correct it
Koralin: I love you
Him: I love you too
by Autumn skye June 12, 2018
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