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Koppelkorfer is the annual world-wide celebration of animals, originating from Nordic clans around 163 A.D. This tradition began when those groups of Nordic peoples would honor the animals that helped them sustain life. Koppelkorfer has since evolved into a celebration of all animals around the world. This wonderful celebration of the earth's fauna has been around for centuries, but only now in the internet age has it's notoriety become global. Koppelkorfer occurs every year on the 1st Saturday of November.

In an added creative bonus to 2010's Koppelkorfer, users of the social network 'facebook' are encouraged to change their profile picture to the animal that they look like or act like the most (much like Doppelganger week).
Her Koppelkorfer should be a walrus, that fat whore
by ItsTrue2010 November 05, 2010
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