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The tall, dark and handsome that every girl dreams of. His adorable smile and gorgeous eyes are not the only things that will make you fall in love with a Kooroush. He knows what he wants in life and never expects anything to come on a silver platter. He works hard for what he wants. He has the intelligence and passion to accomplish anything. His maturity level and confidence are incredibly sexy. He’s fun and outgoing and has a rare, adorably goofy side. His perfect body, style, and friendliness, will attract the eye of every girl, but if you’re lucky enough to call him yours, you have nothing to worry about. He’s a faithful and reliable boyfriend and deserves someone who trusts, loves and appreciates him. He’s a perfect balance of sweet and sexy and can combine the two seamlessly. He will always make you happy. Extremely loyal to and protective of his family and close friends, a Kooroush is caring, considerate and selfless. He’s very athletic, with a genuine love for the game and a competitive spirit. He doesn't like to lose. There are a lot of things in his life that demand his attention. He occasionally stresses out, so be aware of his moods. But don't worry, he always bounces back to his happy self. He’s an inspiration to everyone that knows him. The effort he puts into everything he pursues can only end in good karma. There is no reason for a Kooroush to ever doubt himself or his ability to achieve his dreams. If anyone deserves to be happy and successful, it's Kooroush.
He's got everything going for him...
Yea. That's Kooroush.
by jk:) September 25, 2011
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