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A Koolickle is a Mississippi Delta delicacy which originated following Clinton's arrival in the White House (circa 1992). A Koolickle is created by taking a jar of dill pickles (cut in half), dumping out half of its brine, and adding in a double strong mixture of your favorite Kool-Aid flavor with water and 1/2-1 cup of sugar. This concoction is then placed back into the refrigerator; Koolickles reach their optimal taste if left in the fridge for a week.
"Heyo, what's that jaun you're eating?"

"It's a freakin Cherry Koolickle, a sweet and sour pickle sensation."
by Talib May 13, 2007
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pickles created by soaking dill pickles in a mixture of Kool-Aid and pickle brine. Often enjoyed by children in the Southern United States
Yo man, it's hot outside. Hook me up with some koolickles!
by theman5651 January 20, 2010
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A Pickle that has been repickled with a brine consisting of a 2x normal Kool-Aid solution. Popular in the Missippi Delta and river areas
Me: What is that? It looks like a Armadillo stomach!

Him: Oh, it's a Koolickle

Me: ?!
by RSCOX April 01, 2008
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