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Koncho is where you form your hands in the shape of a gun, your index finger and your middle finger pointing up and the rest are in knuckles, and you connect your hands. You then ram it in between the victim's buttocks, but as you do it yell; "Koncho!"
Person A: "Koncho!"
Person B: "Agh, my asshole! What the fuck?"
Person A would then make his escape.
by Kaedyn Quinn May 14, 2018
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To put your hands together in the form of a gun, then you sneek up behind some victim and ram your fingers up their butt.
(Do not do this if the person isn't wearing pants)
Malia: -KONCHO!!!-
Aleina -Zoidburg noise-
Shannon: I wanna be included in the definition!!!
Malia: Fine! >_>
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anything from balls, testicles, sac, nuts, testies, nutsack to a scrotum
My koncho hurts so much.
by Jeff Nidle February 18, 2008
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