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Koitlin also spelled Quoitlyin, of gaelic (old Irish) background. The english version of the Gaelic name Quoitlyin is Catherine.

Koitlin is a girl of strong mind and character, she stands out from a group of people and will not be afraid to take control of a situation when needed. she will not hesitate if she is steeping in when a family member or friend is in need, ready to defend or protect those she loves.

Koitlin is a girl of a very high intellect, filled with knowledge and culture and never hesitating to learn new facts and skills.

Koitlin is the kind of girl that is extremely loyal, kind and compassionate and can be one of the best friends you could have the pleasure of getting to know, and with a mutual interest, she can be a very stimulating, unique, and a loving counter-part.

She has a heart for people and life, noticing and caring about the smallest details that most over look in the every day situation.

She takes great pride in her accomplishments and is well recognized for them.

Koitlin is admired and loved girl for being who she is, who isn't afraid to speak her mind, or put you in your place when needed, for being the continuously accepting friend who can point out the best in you.
She will be the one who will stand out with you in the crowd and laugh the loudest, she is known for having that extra flare of passion in all she does.

In learning, loving and living Koitlin is true to herself and will be the inspiration that encourages you to do the same.
Koitlin is an amazing woman.
by Evangeline08 June 05, 2011
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