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A legendary prank of submerging someone's entire body in hot, liquid marshmallow. This usually involves the person being on enough drugs or alcohol to be completely passed out. The body is slowly dipped into a vat or marshmallow which has been heated enough so that it will be runny but cool enough so as to not burn or injure. The person is taken out of the vat after a couple seconds and the marshmallow slowly cools and forms a sticky shell around the entire body. When the person wakes up everyone yells "Holy shit he's still ALIVE!!" so as to create maximum confusion for the victim, and he/she is said to be "koalapop'd" at that moment
"Can you believe Vicky got koalapop'd at Dan's party? She'll be wiping that shit off herself for weeks :)"
by Bits of Felt January 08, 2009
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