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A group text, inspired by & sent to at least 4 of your most iNSANe friends that spirals into something that makes you feel sooo crazy and larger than life.

KoRnChains are typically inspired by The Sheriff, Duke and/or InsaneClownPosseBULLSHIT.

KoRnChains are quickly becoming pillars of society.

KoRnChains are where dudes who like to go nuts, just go nuts.
"The Doctor is on point-again-better HEAD over to the KoRnChain and enlighten these fools....shit be Krazy!"

"Cannot wait to get on the KoRnChain and tell the boys about this Mosh Pit."

"Shut it....I'm doing Korn on the KoRnChain."
by tommy Ghostbuster July 17, 2018
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