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Knuckzilla - An absolute Mooseknuckle Queen. Most Knuckzillas start fisting at a very young age then graduate to footies, watermelons & Texas Mickey bottles. Making love to a Knuckzilla can be very tricky & dangerous because sometimes toys, ben wa balls and used tampons are left inside the vaginal cavity causing penile head abrasions during intercourse. A pre-trip before riding a Knuckzilla is mandatory to avoid dirty dick injury.
Orville: Horace, do you know if Mandingo is ok?
Horace: Didn't know he was hurt. What happened?
Orville: We were at a party chuggin a beer when Knuckzilla walked in and caused Mandingo to turn white & jump out the 2nd floor window. I guess Knuckzilla made him feel inadequate and he panicked.
Horace: Wow. And Mandingo has a 14" weapon.
Orville: Yeh, I know. But I guess Mandingo watched her mount a Texas Mickey at some party and that scared him.
by cruisin otter September 14, 2012
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