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A gamer who doesnt shut up when gaming.This is becuase they just cant stop telling you about the game or anything remotely close to being related to the game.
Know It All Gamer : Man, this is such a great game.I bet you guys dont know the year it was published and who came up with the character design,graphic design,sound,(babbles on for quite some time)

Days Later:The ex-boyfriend of the whife who married the roomate of the person who first came up with the idea of the game, ::SMACK::

John:Wow, thanks man
Rick(holding a bloody bat):No prob/

\Know It All Gamer:Wow! Star Wars Battlefront II! Man that was totally awesome when like, in the fourth movie, luke was all like.....

Hours Later : Then, in Revenge of the Sith, Anakin went all ::KA-SMACK-AGAIN::

Marcus:Thanks, dude
Rick:Man,I thought that guy was dead...
by NarutoUzamaki7 November 23, 2005
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