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A complete knob jockeying slut, be they male or female. So obsessed with penises, that they don't even notice the guy attached to it. Every workplace, town and secondary school has one of these "knobsessed" individuals. Teenagers and middle aged guys often fall victim to the knobsessed. You can recognise them by their trousers (which are too tight) and their hair (which is too bleached/dyed/straightened/backcombed) and by their voice (which is too loud).
Ed- "Look at Tracey chatting up Darren"
Meg- "Ewww, he's a freak of nature!"
Ed- "I know, the girl is totally knobsessed"

"Donna didn't recognise me in town, even though we shagged last week. I think she was just knobsessed with me"
by MagickDio February 08, 2010
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When a person is completely infatuated with the knob on the end of a cock.
Your mom wouldn't take my dick out of her mouth after she saw my knob. She's fucking knobsessed dude, take her a psychologist.
by one_sick_fuck June 29, 2009
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