The process of smoking marijuana by heating up the tips of butter knives til theyre extremely hot, taking pieces of bud and pressing them between the tips of the flaming hot knives and sucking the created smoke through a funnel of some sort. Quite effect and a very nice clean burn.
I did knife hits til i couldnt find my seat.
by UberAlles March 18, 2005
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The fun method of using a propane torch, heating up two knives and using those knives to smoke marijuana or whatever you want to smoke, often using something to capture the smoke in while you inhale (this this is called the hooter, the cheap way is just cutting a pop/ water bottle in half).

Originally thought up in the 60's I believe, and later used for crack/ meth heads as an alternative of using a vaporizer or a pipe.
I could could for some knife hits right about now.
by Jakra December 8, 2004
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while being severely impaired one loser says "let's take knife hits." the other loser misunderstands him and says "what is a steak knife hit?"
albert, go turn on the stove, it's time took steak knife hits.
by REV. JIM "JONESTOWN" JONES October 6, 2006
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