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Knawlright is commonly used as a synonym for words such as: agreed, greeting, accolade, or can be used to express excitement, gratitude or genuine tranquility. To emphasize a particular state of emotion, the pronunciation of the word can be lengthened or shortened when appropriate.
(ex. Excitement -"KKNNNNAAAAAWWWWWLLLLLRRRRIGHT", Acknowledgement - "KNWALRIGHT!(Sounds like "nirite")
Can I at least have a beer and/or cigarette, knawlright?


Girl: What rhymes with bull?
Boy: Knawl
Girl: Whats knawl?
Boy: Knawl-Fuckin-Right

Friend 1: Did you smash that last night?
Friend 2: Knawlright! (Sounds like "nirite")
Friend 1: Kkknnnnnnaaaaaaawwwwwlllllright

Friend 1: Does anyone need a beer?
Friend 2: Knawlrght! (Sounds like "nirite")

Can be used as filler for gaps in a song or used as the only lyric for a song. (Noel - Insert Knawlright for EVERY word and you have a Christmas song that you will remember even after hitting the egg nog a few too many times)
by Robbie Kum Ladi February 14, 2010
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