A shy boy who is very protective about its close friends and family and mostly says what's on his mind
That boy is so nice yeah he acts like Preston Knapp
by Jeff Carousel January 14, 2017
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He has assburgers loves my English teachers pussy but he will never get it. He is one strange guy he will fuck you up inside. He will shoot up the school some day. He will end 100s of innocent child's one day. He is a devils child. He is one fucked up guy
Knapp city bitch knapp city bitch-Connor knapp
by Niggamaster January 25, 2015
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A famous 'hockey player', known for his blatant homosexuality and Jewish nationality.

Often seen crunching numbers and collecting shiny coins, Knapp is considered one of the highest advocates for Jewish Rights.
Hey. I'm Dan Knapp. Yeah, i'd love to suck your meat cigar.
by Midgetboiii March 7, 2010
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Really Dusty at hockey but can sometimes be a god. has a hard shot and nice handles. he always has beef with someone and is a great friend. Kian usually is pretty thic and likes to have fun. he is a very good friend and fun to be around. what a beuty.
Kian Knapp has such a good shot
by Jasmine Doppke March 1, 2019
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He is a type of guy that is really good at fortnite and likes minecraft.
Wow hes really Grayeson knapp
by CryoDead October 4, 2019
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A person that spends their time smothering things and people (Esp. Laurens)
Oh i can tell that kid is a chip knapp because of how he smothers lauren.
by Chipk12345678910 April 28, 2016
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1: Epic. and Awesome
2: Man with incredible strength and intelligence who always gets the hot chicks every time.
3: Man with an extraordinarily thick and long penis who is a Master of Brats.
1: Superman was so Kiall Knapp !
2: " Dammit! Just my luck... There's a

Kiall Knapp over there with all those fine ass bitches, I don't stand a chance."
3: If you eat your meat and potatoes everyday, you'll be a Kiall Knapp when you grow up.
by Jigglesthejester April 29, 2019
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