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a name of japanese origin meaning "to stand under a waterfall of bukkake" His named is derived from the word "ki" meaning "gimme big cock" and "yoma" meaning don't mind my screams while you tear my asshole apart" Kiyomas are usually short, not reaching a height beyond 5'5". They usually are addicted to some sort of narcotic. In japanese folklore, he is known as the god of painful buttsex. Usually seen sporting expensive clothes.
"Dude: i could smoke right now
Kiyoma: want some of maaaaaaah weed?"

"That guy with the rainbow boots is such a kiyoma."

"use some shampoo and wash that cum out of your hair, you don't wanna be a kiyoma"

"order now, and you'll recieve a lifetime supply of kiyoma's bukkake creme"
by lil bro sean February 04, 2010
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