A great guy with an unique name.
You will always have him on your mind. Has an amazing personality but not noticed by some people because those people don't look deep enough. Very intelligent and kind.The way he thinks is very unique and out of the ordinary.His thoughts are insightful and often so true. When he gets passionate about something, he digs down to it and get so curious about it. He learns deeply and he knows more than you think he knows.He genuinely cares about the people he cares about. He is capable of so much love but he just didn't know it.
He is a total gentleman.A real good lover. Makes you get addicted to him.He can pleasure you all night long.
You can tell him everything. He would just hold you in his arm and make you feel so safe and sound.
Also, kiumars is an awesome friend.
You should be happy if have this chance to exist a kiumars in your life.
Everyone are looking for a Kiumars in their life but some people could have this opportunity.
It is wonderful, Your acts and character is such as Kiumars.
by Secret u should know August 16, 2018
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