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1) A game commonly played in primary school in which a person will be choosen to be 'it' and the other players will pretend to run away. The 'it' person then must kiss somebody to pass the 'itness' along.
2) An Australian band who released thier first album in 2005. Generally classified as pop-rock they sing the popular song 'Do-dos and Woah-oh's' (played on top 40 radio stations) and the lesser known song 'Black Dress' (played by Triple J).
1) Year 3 girl- 'lets play kisschasey'
Year 3 boy- 'ok, im it'
Year 3 girl (runs away)- 'ahhh boy germs!'
2) Year 3 girl- 'lets play Kisschasey'
Year 3 boy- 'ok, put on 'the shake!'
Year 3 girl- 'no! i love, 'with friends like these!'
by Jess Edgar April 01, 2006
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