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A Kissaholic is someone who feels the incredible need to kiss someone as soon as they have a couple of cocktails in them. A Kissaholic may kiss more than one person in a given night and the kiss does not necessarily mean that the kissaholic is romantically interested in the kissee at all. A kissaholic kisses just because it is in her nature to kiss.
Melissa is a kissaholic. She kisses everyone on the lips -- even friends. On a good night out, she may kiss three or more guys. She collects kisses like some people collect stamps.
by Helsinkiwookie December 30, 2009
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A person who is obsessed with romance and is constantly trying to force someone to like them back despite them being told to go away. Whether it is forcing someone to touch them romantically, get back together, or like them when you don't.
My ex boyfriend just doesn't take no as no. I've already blocked his number on my phone, told him I don't wish to be with him, yet he still acts like I will like him back what a kissaholic you are! He still approaches him, is addicted to dating he doesn't take no as no. Do you ever give up apparently not!
by krissykay May 24, 2013
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