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someone who is very cute
loves to be cuddled
afraid to be alone
is loveable
loves one guy alot
holy she is such a Kissa!
by teh midget luhvas December 14, 2008
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Someone who is extremely gullible, loves to hug and loves one guy so much. She is also very shy and can't talk to her crush without going blood red. As well as that, Kissa's are very funny but sometimes do not try to be. They laugh at practically everything and always bring joy to their friends. Overall, Kissa's are awesome and sometimes smart (when they aren't being gullible) people. Everyone needs a Kissa in their life!
"You are almost being as gullible as Kissa!"
by MadHatterOnEarth7749 May 22, 2016
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A girl with a shitload of make up and boyfriends. Tends to be a wannabe asian.
Wow look at Kissa, it looks like a clown did her make up today.
by Lezi March 03, 2010
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