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Kishana's are the most beautiful people, they are lovely, kind, hilarious & just amazing to be around. They brings so much joy to the world it's incredible. when I've never seen someone with that much joy & energy. They always have a smile on there face even when there down. there very protective of friends. There very passionate about things. there very sporty & just loves to have fun. Likes to hang around the boys more than the girls cause they bicker to much, where as he boys seem just to be chill & run around. They will always have your back even if your not close, They are a very special type of people. They can be weird & retarded at times but they like to express themselves the way they are.if I was to have a kishana I would never let her go.
Kishana is so amazing to be around
by lknnbvk August 03, 2018
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