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A town located in the South of Israel near Ashkelon and Ashdod. It has a mainly Sphardic Jewish population but has had an increase in Russian Jews since the fall of the USSR. Kids in Kiryat Gat like to go play basketball, walk around, party, and eat schwarma at the best schwarma place in Israel, Toro, which is located at the central bus station. The city is located next to a large industrial complex and the nearest large city is Be'er-Sheva. The town is within range of rocket fire by Hamas from the Gaza strip and has experienced rocket fire during past conflicts. The coolest people in all of Israel live in Kiryat Gat. They are all fun to hang-out with and they know where all the coolest places to go are.
Teen #1: Hey, wanna go to a club in Tel Aviv?

Teen #2: No man, I'm going to get schwarma with my friends at Toro in Kiryat Gat.

Teen #1: Wow man, that sounds way more fun than what I'm doing. I think I'll do that too.
by ainlikoach August 27, 2013
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