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A town with a large cultural variety consisting of chavs, grebs, slags and old people. Most of these Chavs and slags gather at "the acre" and "morven", both situated near Kirkby town centre, and participate in modern cultural activities mostly drinking and engaging in sexual intercourse in public toilets. While the grebs stay at home complaining about there lives on social media websites listening to "rock" music. Also in kirkby is ashfield comprehensive school which is one of the worst schools in Nottingham and is run by idiots specifically the head teacher. But if your to idiotic to get into ashfield theres always Kirkby centre. But kirkby-in-Ashfield is relatively good compared to rival town Sutton-in-Ashfield as both teenage pregnancies and drink related deaths are considerably lower. Also situated on he Kirkby/Sutton border, but ultimately in sutton, lies "lemmo" the most deprived and dangerous estate in the whole of Nottinghamshire, where most of the rivalry between Sutton and Kirkby happens. Overall Kirkby-in-Ashfield is most pleasant area to live compare to Sutton.
Greb: don't talk to me I hate you, I hate life , I hate my family, i hate that cat and I hate his fucking world!
Chav: mate, I only asked you what he fucking time was! Chill the fuck out!

(2 boy watching fight)
Boy 1: Jesus Christ, only happen in Kirkby!
Boy 2: no mate, just imagine loving in Sutton!
Boy 1: I don't even want to think about it!
by Callmebroski June 17, 2013
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