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A 1- star school because kids are too ghetto and too busy smoking crack to learn anything. Not only is the school horrribly dirty, they have a fine collection of cockroaches. Most of them don't have any heads. Has a record for having blood in the meat of their school lunches, but sour milk to top it off. Remember to wipe your shoes after leaving; you'll find a fine collection of dust and dirt on all of your belongings. The teachers don't give a fine hoot about your learning, and will constantly hand out worksheets to be completed by the bell. Oh, and the teachers fart on you. They also make promises that never come true, and the main sport is basketball. Beware of fat hogs trying to steal your lunch, my personal experiance. Kirk's a jerk!
Girl: Ew! You're room's a mess!
Girl 2: It's a total Kirk Middle School!
by Deep Fryer January 18, 2011
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